Which problem is solved for video producers and video editors?-2

Which problem is solved for video producers and video editors?

Reviews, fair reports and product reviews etc. can be very elaborate and they are highly interesting for the user. Because they are comprehensive, objective and above all independent they make great promotional videos for products, brands, events, a travel destination or a whole country.

Users love to see these reviews, but they get annoyed before the video starts when they have to suffer through a pre-roll video first. They haven’t clicked on the video to watch an unwelcome commercial! When independent reviews or reports carry a commercial message first, users often lose interest and just leave. Up to 50% of all users do so!


Moreover, the remuneration isn’t satisfying either, because unwanted obstrusive advertising has limited benefits for a brand so why should the brand pay much for it.

With Spoods there are no pre-rolls before the video. And we reward independent video producers and online video editors significantly higher – because we value their performance! Their videos are the reason users click on a video! Pre-rolls prevent them from being watched!