Which problem is solved for the user? -2

Which problem is solved for the user?

The core idea of Spoods is to offer the right video at the right time to the right audience. A couple of years ago I was looking to buy a new car . So I went to forums and internet-platforms for cars and read all about the Audi A 4 and similar models in this class. At that time Audi had a very cool tv commercial on air and I thought: Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to put this commercial right in the A4 article I was reading? But as for me I hate to be distracted when looking for infos, so please no auto-play or pre-roll.

I knew I was onto something when I went to the Audi website and I had to click like a million times before I found their pricelist.




So the problem was: The user was left alone on his search for a product he already wanted to buy. And after he made up his mind what car brand he wants he was forced to search again, at this point the brand’s website for a specific info.

And the solution is: a new format that offers matching videos for editorial or any content plus a list of useful links to relevant services.

As we started with TV-Spots the range of different spot types embraces product- and travel-videos, movie-trailer, editorial videos, test-drives, car-shows and other exhibitions. In short: all useful video-content there is. With shortcuts to more relevant infos for the user. From Search to Meet!















And by the way: we leave the fun videos to YouTube. We concentrate on videos with a background of brands. And suddenly it was clear that this idea solves a much bigger problem for brands.