Which problem is solved for media agencies?

Which problem is solved for media agencies?

Media agencies must make the best use of their client’s money. The targeted communication goals must be met and the best price-performance ratio must be found for building the contact to many users to turn them into potential customers.

The lowest price is not always the best choice when the brand needs to be seen in an adequate environment to maintain a certain image of the brand.

If a media agency wants to spread their online advertising widely in order to achieve the highest possible amount of users, they have to negotiate with many marketers, must collect many estimates, bring various reports together and pay many different bills.

At the same time, the articles on specific products, brands or topics in which they would like their client’s video to approach the users might not gain enough views to be worth the effort, even on the biggest platforms or publisher groups portfolio.

Booking Google AdSense even for a major publisher group or platform would not be worth the effort either, because the absolute amount of clicks would be limited. Google AdSense only makes sense while booking noumerous platforms with one ad.

Spoods solves this problem for media agencies - but instead of text-ads we use the videos as a "teaser". Because spots & videos are the most interesting and compelling tool for brands to emotionalize and convince potential buyers.

At the same time we are able to adress the need of brands to distribute their videos not only on their own platforms, YouTube or other social media platforms. We distribute brand videos in millions of articles!

But that´s not enough: additionally the videos will be used to generate traffic, leads and sales by adding carefully chosen deeplinks to the videos. That´s much more than just showing a key visual – basically the capacity of a banner.

Spoods aggreed with numerous premium sites about integrating the Spoods-Widget and to make all of them accessible through a single booking .