Which problem is solved for marketers?

 Which problem is solved for marketers?

The marketers daily faces the challenge to sell their broad media reach to refinance of the online platform.

And the competition is strong. There are many premium marketers and the prices are in decline for a long time now because there is lots of inventory on the market. The brands and media agencies have a wide choice to find the best price-performance ratio for their communicational needs.

The Spoods solution: We provide marketers with our technology to transform the classic rectangle medium static or dynamic banner into a video format with the additional function of traffic & lead generation. And they can use this new format over the entire range of reach via their own adserver.





The prices are set individually by the marketer determined for their own portfolio.

Spoods transformes the classic rectangle format into a video format with traffic & lead generation. By playing a video instead of a static or dynamic banner and the additional deep links as an added value for the user to obtain further information about the product or brand shown in the video, Spoods makes a much higher, transparent and verifiable benefit for the brand and the users. All with a screen of 300x250 pixels. But we would be happy to program you any other individual format you like to differenciate from your competitors!