Which problem is solved for brands?

Which problem is solved for brands?

A brand’s communication needs to reach the right people in order to sell their product. Very expensive TV ads or product videos are produced, but currently brands find it difficult to find the right audience in the digital world. They are running after them, try to follow him while the user is surfing within seconds from here to there.

Spoods thinks different: we don’t run after the user, we place videos where the user goes to anyway to find information he is looking for. Mostly platforms with quality articles. Or blogs.


Brand owner_1

The user visits and reads these platforms on his own initiative, to learn about a new car, the latest fashions, a city to visit like New York, a new smartphone or the latest movie. It makes sense that exactly now is the best time for a brand to get in touch with the user - it makes sense to be present in the matching article. In that moment the user welcomes the brand and the video gains attraction because it enriches the content .

And only if the user wants to see the video, voluntarily, without bothering or lure him. You don’t have to shout, push or compel an already interested user to notice a brand’s message – at the right time and the right place!


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We call this "turning advertising into content" and"article enrichement" but foremost "advertising on demand". On top we add carefully chosen deeplinks to the video which provide fast-track access to further information on the brand or product described in the video. Easy, with a single click. So Spoods obtains interested new users for brands and online-shops – in short: Traffic and Lead & Sales generation! And that leads us to another group who is trying to find their way in the digital world.