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Geschäftsführer: Thomas Lohr
Steuer-Nr.: 37/183/21604 FA für Körperschaften II, Berlin
Amtsgericht Berlin
Handelsregister: AG Charlottenburg, HRB 123851 B

Thomas Lohr - CEO – thomas.lohr(@)

Joni Seeste - CTO – joni.seeste(@)

Martin Eichler - COO - martin.eichler(@)


Data protection

1 Scope

This privacy policy is intended to inform users of this website in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act and the Telemedia Act on the type, scope and purpose of the collection and use of personal data by the website operator [insert your contact data]. The website operator takes your privacy very seriously and will treat your personal information confidentially and in accordance with the law. Keep in mind that data transmission on the Internet can generally be subject to security vulnerabilities. Full protection against access by strangers is not possible

2 Cookies

This site uses cookies. These are small text files that are stored on your device. Your browser accesses these files. The use of cookies increases the user-friendliness and security of this website. Popular browsers offer the preference option of not allowing cookies. Note: There is no guarantee that you will be able to access all the functions of this website without restrictions if you make the appropriate settings

3 Handling of personal data

The website operator collects, uses and transfers your personal data only if this is permitted by law or if you consent to the collection of data. Personal information means all information that is used to identify your person and which can be traced back to you - such as your name, e-mail address and telephone number.

4 Dealing with contact information

If you contact the website operator through the offered contact options, your details will be stored so that they can be used to process and answer your request. Without your consent, this data will not be disclosed to third parties.

5 Rights of the user: information, correction and deletion

As a user, you will receive, at your request, free information about which personal data has been stored about you. If your request does not conflict with a legal obligation to retain data (eg data retention), you are entitled to correct incorrect data and to block or delete your personal data.


Privacy policy for the EU DSGVO


The following paragraphs refer to Spoods Service, which is the contextually fitting delivery of video advertising to third-party websites. The delivery is based on a self-developed technology platform, which assigns the said video advertising on the basis of a semantic targeting - the matching of keywords defined by an advertiser with the content on editorial websites. Accordingly, the chosen approach for the delivery of advertising material is purely content-centric and requires no personal or personal identifiable data.

1 Scope EU DSGVO

The EU GDPR is a Europe-wide law to improve data protection, ie the protection of personal data. Personal data are characteristics of a natural person, e.g. First name, name, address, e-mail or IP address. In principle, this new law affects everyone, including private individuals, small and large enterprises, and especially digital / online businesses.

2 Collection of personal data

At no time does Spoods record personal or personally identifiable information as defined in Art. 4 (1) GDPR and therefore does not require the user's explicit consent to the collection of personal data prior to the delivery of the advertising material.

3 Cookies

Spoods sets a cookie for the so-called Frequency Capping - the limitation of the advertising deliveries to a browser within a given period of time to a predetermined number. This limitation is in accordance with the DSGVO in the interest of the user to prevent an unnecessarily disturbing number of advertising deliveries. In detail, only the campaign ID, the motif ID and the number of previous advertising material deliveries to the respective browser are recorded for this purpose in the named cookie. None of these data constitutes a personal date according to Art. 4 (1) GDPR. In addition, Spoods does not set any further Cookies.

4 Data collection

The storage of the data mentioned in §3 takes place exclusively in the cookies and thus the browsers of the users. At no point in time will these data be stored, interpreted or otherwise processed in a Spoods owned database.

5 Data processing in the meaning of Auftragsdatenverarbeitung

There is no processing of personal or personally identifiable information at any time, which is why Spoods does not require the user's consent prior to the delivery of the ad.

6 Cookies from independent third party providers

In the context of the delivery of advertising material (hosting), a cookie is additionally set by an independent 3rd party service provider, namely Brightcove or Flowplayer, who according to our examination also do not collect personal data. Further inquiries are to be addressed directly to the respective company.